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    The time is now.

  • What is it all about.

    Adapt quickly. Move faster. Be disruptive. Engage customers. Sound familiar? These capabilities are part of an entrepreneurial mindset and can drive results. For each company and organization the journey is different, despite a common vision. But, how (and how quickly) you implement this way of working makes all the difference.

    Change starts here.

    Asking a new set of questions. Getting to know your customers in a different way. Experimentation. Early learning and looking at the right metrics. Moving quickly. Being adaptable. Changing behavior... even if you didn't realize it needed to change.

  • Meet the team.

    Leys Bostrom, Founder & Managing Principal

    Leys knows what it takes to provoke new ideas and scale entrepreneurial approaches and ways of thinking into an organization. She was part of the core FastWorks team at GE, tasked to design and scale a new operating system across the Fortune 500 company. Working directly with entrepreneurs like Eric Ries (author, The Lean Startup) and David Kidder (co-founder, Bionic), Leys helped drive the enterprise-wide cultural transformation to be a simpler, faster, more adaptable, and more customer-focused organization. She led the learning strategy, marketing, and communications planning for FastWorks across the company.


    Prior to this, she worked at the world’s leading international education company and helped drive innovation in the commercial function launching a new vertical, implementing a more customer-focused sales strategy, and creating the first outside sales effort.


    She holds a BA from Connecticut College and MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.

  • How It Works

    Vision + Mindset Shift + Behavior Change = Transformation Journey



    Let's discuss your vision, challenges, and needs to ensure a good fit.



    We'll develop a proposal that may include leadership support, co-creating new operating systems, new skill building, exec summaries, innovative workshops or strategy sessions.



    Time to get started. There will be learnings along the way - about your company culture, your customers, how employees work, and what will drive true behavior change.

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