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    Leys Bostrom is a strategic thinker with a passion for experimentation, disruption, and innovation. She knows what it takes to provoke new ideas and scale an entrepreneurial mindset and approach, like Lean Startup, into an organization. Leys was part of the core FastWorks team at GE, which was tasked to introduce a new operating system across the Fortune 500 company and drive business innovation and change in the 130+ year-old “startup.” This included communications planning, storytelling, marketing strategy, and creating a learning curriculum. Working directly with entrepreneurs like Eric Ries (author of The Lean Startup) and David Kidder (co-founder of Bionic), this effort sparked an enterprise-wide cultural transformation to be a simpler, faster, more adaptable, and more customer-focused organization. Prior to this, she worked at the world’s leading international education company and helped drive innovation in the commercial function and launch a new vertical.


    Specialties include: accelerating innovation, strategic marketing, sales/solution selling, culture transformation, Lean Startup, marketing and brand strategy, communications planning, customer experience, sales management, and team development.

    Board Member and Development Chair for a non-profit serving people with special needs. Co-Founder & Director of an annual 5K event. Co-Founder of a previous Boston based non-profit. Avid traveler. College rower. Runner.


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  • Experience

    Beams to Beacon Advisory LLC

    Founder and Managing Principal 

    2017 – Present

    Leys is Managing Principal of Beams to Beacon, an innovation, transformation and strategic advising practice for both large enterprises and startups. Inspired by the critical need to focus on experimentation, quick and continuous learning, and customer discovery to drive growth, the name refers to beams of light that quickly illuminate new areas to test and explore and the beacon that enables you to stay true to your vision and focus on what matters most.


    GE Corporate | Business Innovations

    Digital Innovation Strategy, FastWorks


    Design and execute an innovative global strategy as part of a cultural transformation and employee mindset shift. Collaborate cross-functionally and partner with internal and external thought leaders and agencies. Activate digital, marketing, and communications strategies to engage leaders, provoke disruption, and drive behavior change to adopt a new, entrepreneurial way of working and challenge the status quo. Validate and communicate impact for customers, employees, and the company.

    FastWorks is driving a cultural transformation in GE that will permanently change the way we work and outcomes we create for our customers. FastWorks is helping ensure that we focus on what matters most to our customers, operate with the speed and urgency of a startup, and quickly test hypotheses to learn and iterate based on customer-validated truths.

    EF Education

    Acting VP of New Product (2013-2014),

    Director of Sales and Customer Experience



    Selected to lead and build a new team to test and validate a new product within the EF portfolio before launching. Developed partnerships with over 50 national and global organizations and local chapters, collaborated with customers to learn and grow, and built relationships with customers, portfolio executives, and my internal sales team. Develop new sales process based on outcome-selling to drive early growth and exceed targets YOY by more than 50%.


    EF is the world’s largest private international educational company with 40K+ employees in 50+ countries. Headquartered in Switzerland, its 15 subsidiaries focus on language learning, educational travel, cultural exchange & academic programs.

  • Recommendations

    The word around town

    Jeff Wilkinson

    CIO | Delaware North

    (former CIO Commercial & Marketing, GE Digital)

    Leys is an enabler of transformation, and I quickly learned to appreciate her ability to challenge conventional thinking and connect a variety of stakeholders across our matrix environment.


    Christina Sandberg

    Executive Vice President - Customer Experience Cultural Care Au Pair | EF Education

    Leys is a true people person who believes in putting customer focus first and she has the gift to be able to connect with and earn the respect of people from all walks of life. She is a dedicated and passionate self-starter and always eager to learn, grow and take on more.

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